God Time on the Road!  Jesus Dies and Comes Back to Life (Luke 22-23)

For Vacation Bible School this summer, our parish used Group Publishing’s curriculum “Everest:  Conquering Challenges with God’s Mighty Power.”  This is the fourth week of family devotions based on the five Bible stories that we learned at VBS.  (If you missed last week’s, find it here: https://familygodtime.wordpress.com ).  Enjoy learning from your kids; you might be surprised what they have to teach you!

on the road

Supplies:  a children’s story Bible with the Easter Story, a car DVD player (optional), a Children’s DVD of the Easter Story, a set of foam crosses, a set of heart-shaped foam stickers, your VBS CD

Gather:  We live a little far out in the country, and sometimes Sabbath time means traveling.  For this God Time, we were in the car.  It helps to start any long journey with prayer, so we prayed before we pulled out of the driveway:  Dear God, keep us safe on our journey.  Help us to have patience with one another, and to arrive quickly and safely at our destination.  In your Son’s name we pray, Amen.

Discuss:  Before the movie, tell your kids that you want to learn from them.  Tell them to watch or listen carefully so that they can tell you about the Easter story.

Story:  You can read the story from your children’s Bible, or have your kids look at the pictures and tell you the story.  You could also have them watch a DVD about this story (our favorite is Episode 10 of What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver.  You can download it here:  http://store.whatsinthebible.com/collections/dvds/products/dvd-10

Discuss:  After the movie (or story from your children’s Bible), ask them questions about what they learned.  Some questions might include:  What happened to Jesus on Good Friday?  What happened after he died?  What happened three days later?  Why are we so happy about Easter?

Song:   Vacation Bible School Dance Party:  If you want to, you and your family can take this opportunity to have your very own VBS Dance Party.  Play the music in the car, do the actions, or just dance in your seat!  You could also sing some of your favorite Holy Week and Easter songs.  My kids and I like to make up new verse to “Were You There,” for instance.  Since the kids focused on Jesus’ forgiveness of Peter during this day of Bible School, you could try this verse:

Were you there when he washed away our sin?
Were you there when he washed away our sin?
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble.
Were you there when he washed away my sin?

Activity:  Loving Crosses
To help us to remember this story, I got a package of foam crosses and heart shaped foam stickers.  My kids stuck the stickers to the crosses to remind us that Jesus showed just how much he loved us on the cross.  Here is a picture of the final result:

foam crosses

Prayer:  To be honest, it was raining when we got to our destination, and I dropped off half the family at the door, and had to run with one of my kids through the rain, so we forgot to do a closing prayer this week.  We could have prayed like this:  Thank you, Jesus, for our safe travels, and for loving us so much that you died on the cross.  We are so happy that you are alive, and that you give us life, too.  Amen.


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