Fish on the Beach: John 21:1-14

My dad purchased a fishing boat for himself for his birthday this summer, and, as you can probably imagine, fishing is my five-year-old’s new favorite hobby.  She loves that she has her own Barbie fishing pole, pink life-jacket, and Dora “fishing chair.”  She also loves to spend time with her Pa in this way.  This week’s devotion builds off of that love for fishing with a story about a time when Jesus provided a fish luncheon for his disciples.  Enjoy feeding your family’s stomachs and their faith this week!

Supplies:  God Time pillows, candle and holder (see “Gathering,” below), My First Hands-On Bible or a family Bible with this story, access to the internet, ingredients for recipes, below.

Gather:  We like to sit in a circle on the floor for God Time.  Finding some pillows or cushions to sit on makes it even more comfortable.  My kids like to use pillow pets for this purpose!  Once you are in a circle, light a candle (or turn on a battery-operated one; we use an LED tea light in a pretty metal container).

Story:  Read the story “Fish on the Beach” from John 21:1-14 in My First Hands On Bible,  your Bible, or you can check out this version: John 21:1-14

Discuss: What were the disciples doing at the beginning of the story?  What did Jesus tell them to do?  What happened when they obeyed?  What meal did Jesus serve the disciples?  How many times had he appeared to the disciples after rising from the dead so far?

Song:   Fishers of Men by the News Boys: You can find the music and lyrics here:

This was definitely a dance party song at my house.  They were singing the refrain without any sort of teaching by the end, and begged to hear it again and again over the course of the next week.  Enjoy!

Activity:  For our activity this week, we made a lunch of shrimp tacos, just like Jesus made the fish and bread lunch for his disciples.  The recipe for the tacos we made is below:

Fish Tacos Recipe:
for fish:
4 cloves garlic, crushed
4 T butter
1 lime, cut in wedges (zest it first and reserve zest)
2 pkg. frozen cooked brilliant shrimp, thawed
salt and pepper

for dressing: (mix together and refrigerate until ready to serve)
zest of 1 lime
1 T. cumin
½ container of sour cream

for assembly:
sliced avocado
shredded cabbage
tortillas, warmed

Slowly melt butter with garlic and lime.  Bring up to a simmer.  Add shrimp, salt, and pepper, and toss to coat.  Simmer on medium for 3 minutes, or until warmed through.  Serve in tortillas with cabbage, avocado, and dressing.

Adapted from:

They were eaten so fast that I didn’t get a chance to get a picture of this activity!  Here is the pic from Real Simple (don’t worry, ours weren’t nearly so pretty!):

*** You could also do fish sticks and corn chips, or salmon and pita chips, or anything other meal involving fish and bread.  My kids will eat anything involving the word “taco,” so that’s what we went with!

Prayer:  (You can do this all together, or as a “repeat after me” prayer, depending on reading ability) We prayed this prayer as our lunchtime prayer:  Dear Jesus, we thank you for this lunch of fish and bread.  Help us always to be thankful that we have enough to eat, and that you are alive!  In your name we pray, Amen.


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