Jesus Loves Children: Mark 10:13-16

This story came up a few weeks ago in church.  In my mind, it is so important to make sure that Jesus loves them no matter what, that I decided to repeat it with my family.  Let the children come!

Supplies:  God Time pillows, candle and holder (see “Gathering,” below), My First Hands-On Bible or a family Bible with this story, access to the internet,

Gather:  We like to sit in a circle on the floor for God Time.  Finding some pillows or cushions to sit on makes it even more comfortable.  My kids like to use pillow pets for this purpose!  Once you are in a circle, light a candle (or turn on a battery-operated one; we use an LED tea light in a pretty metal container).

Story:  Read Mark 10:13-16 in My First Hands-On Bible, your Bible, or you can check out this version:

If you have a My First Hands-On Bible, feel free to do the questions and activities described there.

Discuss:  What were the people doing with their children at the beginning of the story?  Did Jesus’ followers like this?  Why or why not?  What did Jesus have to say about this?  Do you feel welcome at church?  Why or why not?  How could you be someone who welcomes others?

 Song:  Jesus Loves the Little Children

This song is an oldie but a goodie, and I like the medley of tunes in this video:

Activity:  Jesus and the Children

I wanted to do something with a paper doll chain of children and a figure of Jesus.

First, learn how to make a paper doll chain here:

Here’s what mine looked like (excuse the crumbs in the background!):

Paper Doll Children

Then, I added a free-form Jesus character:

Jesus and Children Paper Doll Chain

Finally, I asked the kids to color them:

Complete Jesus and Children Project

I thought the craft was done, but once again I was surprised by my kids.  They asked for tape, and made them into “Jesus Crowns”!  They wore them until nap time that day.

Jesus Crowns 1     Jesus Crowns 2

Prayer:  (You can do this all together, or as a “repeat after me” prayer, depending on reading ability) Dear Jesus, we thank you that you welcome everyone, especially children.  Help us to welcome everyone in your name.  Amen.


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