Journey Around the Cross: Easter Edition

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For the season of Lent, our parish has been “Journeying Around the Cross” with Jesus through a resource that my husband and I created.  You can find out more about it here:


The way that it works is that you move the glass bead one circle each day in Lent.  On Sundays, you rest and light your candle instead of moving forward.  On Good Friday, you turn the cross over to reveal the black side:

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Then, on Easter, you come to church and receive one of these to put into the center of your cross:

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I wanted to figure out a way to continue using this resource into the Easter season.  I decided that the best way to do this was to switch the candles to something more Easter-like.  You would leave the cross out, stop marking every day of Easter, and light your candle every Sunday in the season of Easter.  The colors of the season are gold and white, and butterflies are a symbol of Easter because they remind us of the death and resurrection of Jesus.  Below, learn how to make this resource for your own family or congregation!

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First, gather your materials.  I used a small glass votive holder, butterfly stickers from the scrapbooking aisle, and gold glitter fabric paint.

WP_20160315_08_56_40_Pro (2)

Next, paint your first swirl.  Be careful not to add too much paint, or it will run down the side of the glass before it dries.

WP_20160315_08_57_42_Pro (2).jpg

Next, add a half butterfly to the bottom left of the swirl and a whole butterfly of a different color to the top right side of the swirl.

WP_20160315_08_58_49_Pro (2).jpg

Add a second swirl to the right of the whole butterfly.


WP_20160315_08_59_00_Pro (2).jpg

Add another whole butterfly in a third color to the right of the second swirl.

WP_20160315_08_59_37_Pro (2).jpg

Add a third swirl that extends from this butterfly to the half butterfly at the beginning.

WP_20160315_09_00_15_Pro (2).jpg

Let it dry.  The sparkles will appear as the paint dries.

WP_20160321_11_46_20_Pro (2)

Add a white votive candle to the center.

WP_20160321_11_47_46_Pro (2).jpg

Place it in the center of your cross or use on its own.  May God bless you and yours this Easter season!


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