Jesus is Alive! Luke 24:1-12

Gathering Prayer: (Do this prayer repeat-after-me style)
Dear Jesus, we thank you for time to feed our faith as a family, and time to learn about the time when Jesus came back to life.  Help our time together to be holy time.  In your name we pray, Amen.

Activity:  Empty Tomb Biscuits
I found this activity on pinterest, and it was definitely fun to do:


We just might have a new Easter morning tradition!  Both my husband and I rejoiced when we didn’t have an Easter Sunrise service in my current parish.  However, our daughters would have a sunrise service every day of their lives if we let them, and we ended up making these biscuits for breakfast first thing in the morning in our jammies, before the sun had even come up.  Ah, the joys of parenting!

We did it before the Easter Bible story, and did our story, song, and prayer while they baked.  I did one as a demonstration, telling the story of Jesus’ burial as part of each step.  Then, each of my daughters got two turns each to construct a tomb and tell the story to their sisters.  They sure had it down by the time we were down wrapping eight rolls!  The only thing we did differently than the recipe was to flatten the biscuits instead of splitting them, and baking them on a cookie sheet lined with tinfoil (less mess to clean up!).

Here’s a few pics of our final product:

Bible Story:  Luke 24:1-12
This is the story of Easter.  We read ours from Group Publishing’s My First Hands-On Bible.  You can purchase one here:

You can do the suggested activities and discuss the questions provided, if you wish.

You can also read it in your own family or story Bible, or check out an Easy to Read Version here:

Discuss as a family:  What are some special things that you do in church on Easter? Would you have been surprised if you had been at the tomb?  Why or why not?  Why do you think that Easter is a happy day?

Song:  Paschal Blessing/Praise Ye the Lord
One of my favorite parts of the Easter morning service is the Paschal Blessing that announces that Jesus is risen.  My family and I sang it together as part of our family god time, and I made a little video with lyrics here:


If your family is not into chanting (and I know that most families probably aren’t J ), you can always review this little song that celebrates the bringing back of the Alleluia at Easter:


Thanks for your commitment to faithfully feed your family’s faith!  I hope that this time was holy time for you.

Closing Prayer: (Can be a repeat after me prayer if you have non-readers in your family)
Thank you, God, for this holy time together to feed our faith as a family.  Bless us as we remember that you are alive!  Alleluia!  In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.


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