School Day Blessing


For the first time as parents, all of our children are in school.  This means that we are learning new schedules, figuring out new routines, and just generally trying to keep ahead of the parent homework in our house right now.  One thing that I wanted to do differently this year was to change the way that I say goodbye to my girls before they get on the bus in the morning.  Usually, it has been, “Hurry!  Hurry! Hurry! Here’s your lunch, put your jacket on, where’s your shoes?” and by the time the bus is gone, that is the last impression I have given my kids for the day.  Not my favorite last impression to leave them with.

This summer, I remembered a tip from a conference I attended a long time ago (you know, before we had kids?).  One of the moms at the conference shared that just before her kids left the house in the morning, she got down to their eye-level, looked them in the eyes, and said “Remember, Jesus loves you, and I do too.”  She told us that it reframed the entire day, both for her and her kids.

School Day Blessing

I decided to try this simple ritual this year.  After a week of practicing with my older daughter, she said, “Mom, I know that you and Jesus love me all the time!”  I replied, “I just want to remind you,” and she said “I’m glad.”

Now, full confession, it doesn’t mean that I don’t still have to hurry her along, and our morning routine is far from perfect.  However, those few short seconds have become holy time for us.   We challenge you to use this same ritual, or create one of your own.  How can you remind your children to whom they belong and who loves them most of all?  They might even surprise you and bless you back!  School Day blessings to you and your family!


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