Noah and the Ark: Genesis 6-9


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Gathering Prayer: (Do this prayer repeat-after-me style)
Dear Jesus, we thank you for time to feed our faith as a family, and time to learn about Noah and the ark.  Help our time together to be holy time.  In your name we pray, Amen.

Bible Story:  Genesis 6-9
Read the story of Noah and the Ark in a children’s Bible, your own Bible, or you can find an excerpt of the story here:

Discuss as a family:
What was wrong with the world?  What did God tell Noah to build?  What did God tell Noah to gather?  How do you feel when there are big storms?  DO you think God is with you in the storms?  Why or why not?

Song:  Noah Built His Ark

My family and I wrote the words to this song as we were learning about this story.  The tune is to another Bible song:  “The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock.”  Enjoy!

Activity:  God Time in the Bathtub
This week, my children attended Sunday School at a different church than usual, and wanted to teach me what they had learned.  I told them that it was bath time, so we couldn’t do God Time right now.  They explained that bath time was a perfect time for God Time, since the story was Noah’s Ark.  We got out boats, and my children showed and told me the story as they took their bath.  Then we sang the song together as they got washed.  This week, I learned that any time can be God Time! No pictures this week; I am still embarrassed by the pics my parents took of me in the bathtub as a kid, and I refuse to pass it on…

Thanks for your commitment to faithfully feed your family’s faith!  I hope that this time was holy time for you.

Closing Prayer: (Do this prayer repeat-after-me style)
Dear Jesus, we thank you that you called Noah to save the people and the animals.  Help us to remember your promise to keep us safe in the storms of life.  In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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