Faith Interviews Week 1: Parents

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This month, we heard about Lois and Eunice in church.  Lois and Eunice were Timothy’s grandmother and mother, and Paul says that Timothy learned his foundation of faith from them.  When have you taken the time to tell your kids about important faith memories to you?  Consider this your opportunity.  You can find the discussion guide for this here (it includes discussion starters and helps if you get stuck):  faith-interview

This first week, you might want to try it out with just parents and kids over a meal or during a quiet time in your family’s schedule.  Invite one set of grandparents over for breakfast, lunch, supper, or bedtime next week and don’t worry about it today.

Gathering Prayer: (Do this prayer repeat-after-me style)
Our gathering prayer was our lunch prayer:
God is great.  God is good, and we thank him for our food.  Amen!

Faith Interviews:
We took this one question at a time, and let each person around the table answer, no matter what their age or stage.  Here are the questions:

  • What is your favorite Bible story or verse? Why?
  • What is your favorite memory of church or church activities? Why?
  • What is your favorite prayer or way to pray? Why?
  • What is your favorite church, Sunday School, camp, or VBS song? Why?

I have to admit that I knew how my kids would answer most of these questions, but they loved getting the chance to “teach” everyone else about themselves.  An unexpected benefit was that I got to hear my husband’s answers, not all of which were known to me.  You might want to record everyone’s answers in a short video or audio file so that your kids can hear them again and again.  During the week, challenge your family to look up the Bible stories, prayers, and songs that you mentioned.  You will see the favorites of my family in upcoming Family God Time posts.

Thanks for taking the time to feed your family’s faith this week!  I hope this time was a holy time for you.

Closing Prayer: (Do this prayer repeat-after-me style)
Dear Jesus, we thank you for time to feed our faith as a family, and time to learn more about each other.  Keep us faithful, now and always.  In your name we pray, Amen.


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