Faith Interviews Week 2: Grandparents

gpt pic.jpg

This month, we heard about Lois and Eunice in church.  Lois and Eunice were Timothy’s grandmother and mother, and Paul says that Timothy learned his foundation of faith from them.  My parents happened to be in town, so I thought this would be a neat opportunity for my parents and my kids to learn about faith from each other.  I told my parents what the questions would be the night before so that they had time to think about them.  Then, we agreed to share our answers after lunch.  You can find the discussion guide for this here:  faith-interview

Gathering Prayer: (Do this prayer repeat-after-me style)
Our gathering prayer was our lunch prayer:
God is great.  God is good, and we thank him for our food.  Amen!

Faith Interviews:
We took this one question at a time, and let each person around the table answer, no matter what their age or stage.  Here are the questions:

  • What is your favorite Bible story or verse? Why?
  • What is your favorite memory of church or church activities? Why?
  • What is your favorite prayer or way to pray? Why?
  • What is your favorite church, Sunday School, camp, or VBS song? Why?

I was amazed and honored to hear the answers of my parents, my husband, and my kids.  It got a little bit long for their attention span, so I would suggest doing just two of these questions at a time, and saving the other two for another time.  Because my parents live far away, it was great to do it all in one shot.  You might want to record everyone’s answers in a short video or audio file so that your kids can hear them again and again.  During the week, challenge your family to look up the Bible stories, prayers, and songs that you mentioned.  You will see the favorites of my family in upcoming Family God Time posts.

Thanks for taking the time to feed your family’s faith this week!  I hope this time was a holy time for you.

Closing Prayer: (Do this prayer repeat-after-me style)
Dear Jesus, we thank you for time to feed our faith as a family, and time to learn more about each other.  Keep us faithful, now and always.  In your name we pray, Amen.


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