Advent Spiral 2016


Here at Family God Time, we are beginning to prepare for Advent.  One of the practices that we invite you into during Advent is the Advent Spiral.  You can find more information about how to make and use one here:

This is the second year that we will be using the Advent Spiral in our home.  Because it is a new year, and season of Advent differs in the number of days each year, the stars which mark the Sundays will have to move.  This year, Advent is as long as it can possibly be.  Because of this, you will have to move your stars back two circles each.  This is why I suggest attaching the stars with removable Glue Dots; it will make it infinitely easier to move them!  Your 2016 Advent spiral will look like this:

IMG_20161115_102005227 (2).jpg

If you need a new tealight candle, this is your opportunity to get another one, as well (we will have them at church for you if you are a member of Tri-Saints).

You are all set!  Advent begins on Sunday, November 27th.  We can’t wait to celebrate the waiting season with you!

Are you looking for the simple nativities from last year?  Find instructions here:

New resources for Advent 2016 are coming soon.  Patience, my friends!


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