Jesus is Baptized: Matthew 3

Gathering Prayer: (Do this prayer repeat-after-me style)
Dear Jesus, we thank you for time to feed our faith as a family, and time to learn about the day that Jesus was baptized.  Help our time together to be holy time.  In your name we pray, Amen.

Bible Story:  Matthew 3:13-17
Read the story of Jesus’ baptism in a children’s Bible, your own Bible, or you can find the story here:

For this story, my family and I used the Spark Story Bible.  You can purchase one here:

Discuss as a family:

What do you remember about the day that you were baptized?

What do you parents remember?

Have you ever seen a baptism before?  What was it like?

What do you think about God calling us his beloved daughters and sons?  What is it like to know that God is well pleased with you?

Song:  Wade in the Water
This song is and African American Spiritual, and is great for a devotion time about baptism.  Have fun pretending to wade in the water together!


Activity:  Making Soap
I don’t know if it’s all kids, but mine hate washing their hands.  I thought making their own soap might be a good way to remind them of their baptism, while also making something useful that they can’t wait to use!

To make your own soap at home for the first time, I recommend purchasing a kit at a craft store.  If you do this, follow the directions included in the kit.

I regularly make soap, so I had the supplies on hand.  You will need blocks of plain glycerin soap, a few drops of a fragrance of your choice (we used lavender), and soap molds (we used shell molds).

Melt the glycerin in a glass measuring cup in the microwave, 30 seconds at a time.  I let my kids stir the soap in between each 30 second time period.  When it is all melted, add a couple of drops of fragrance (don’t be too generous, or it will burn your nose!) and stir to combine.  Holding the measuring cup with the help of one of your kids, carefully pour the melted soap into your molds.  Allow to set up completely and have them help you to release the soap from the molds (it’s like getting ice out of an ice cube tray, but with a slightly more gentle touch).  Store soap in a cool, dry location until you are ready to use it.  Here is a picture of our finished product:

IMG_20170117_104527995_HDR (2).jpg

Thanks for your commitment to faithfully feed your family’s faith!  I hope that this time was holy time for you.

Closing Prayer: (Do this prayer repeat-after-me style)
Dear Jesus, we thank you for making us your sons and daughters in baptism.  Help us to remember that you love us and are happy with us.  In your name we pray, Amen.

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