Daily Devos: Vacation Bible School Recap 2018

Daily Devos VBS Recap 2018

Do you remember way back to the beginning of the summer, when we had a wonderful, faith-filled week of Vacation Bible School together?  As the summer draws to a close, county fair time arrives, and our back-to-school preparations get into full swing, let’s take one last week to review all that we learned in Vacation Bible School.

You may choose to revisit your favorite story, or, if you missed one (or two or three) over the course of the summer, here’s another chance to once again dive deep into God’s story.  I hope that your time of coloring, prayer, and discussion will be a holy time.

Daily Devos:  God is with Moses in the River

Daily Devos:  God’s People Enter the Promised Land

Daily Devos:  God Heals Naaman in the Jordan River

Daily Devos:  God Saves Paul from the Sea

Daily Devos:  Jesus is Baptized

Are you looking for Family God Time Bible stories, songs, and activities on these stories that you can do with your family?  Look here:  https://familygodtime.wordpress.com/2018/08/02/family-god-time-vbs-recap-2018/

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