Jesus’ Birth A to Z Devotion Book

You might think you know the story of Christmas from the Bible, with shepherds and angels, and Mary and Joseph, with wise men and a baby in a manger. But do you know the WHOLE story? Do you know about John the Baptist’s dad, Zechariah, and how he didn’t get to talk for the whole nine months before his son’s birth? Did you know about Mary’s questions for Gabriel, and her part in agreeing to God’s plan? Did you know that Simeon and Anna waited their whole long lives for Jesus, and were almost as excited as the shepherds to meet him? This daily devotion book introduces a deep dive into the WHOLE story of the birth of Jesus, from beginning to end. It begins on Christ the King Sunday and ends sometime toward the end of January. It is a lot longer than the typical Advent and Christmas season, but, over time, helps people of faith to really soak in the whole story and how the story we know connects the the wider story which includes people of all generations, genders, and socio-economic statuses. It is truly a story for all of us.

Get the devotion book here: Jesus’ Birth A to Z Daily Devos


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