Bible Exploration: Large Group Sunday School October 2018


Bible Bookcase Coloring Sheet:

As students arrive, direct them to a table with coloring utensils and the Bible Bookcase Coloring Sheet.  When most of the students (and your helpers) have arrived, gather them for Large Group Time


Prayer:  (repeat after me style, you can lead, or ask a helper, youth, or other read to lead)

Dear God, We thank you for giving us the Bible so that we can learn your story and how much you love us. Bless us in our time together, that we may dwell more deeply in your Word. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Song:  Amazing Grace, Amazing Love

Since October is the month that we celebrate the Lutheran Reformation, we will learn this song together, which is a version of Amazing Grace, to share for Sabbath Sunday.  It is a song from VBS a few years back, so several students may already recognize it.

Video:  What’s in the Bible (vol. 1 10:30-15:30)


Because our group will include both readers and non-readers, this time we will split up into smaller groups to learn how to look things up in the Bible.  The helpers will lead stations to make bookmarks, ABC Bible books, and/or Bible Memory Game cards. The schedule, with links to instructions, follows:

***Split Up Group***

Under 2nd grade:  (switch stations when done)

half to make bookmarks:

half to color ABC books:

2nd grade and over:  split into pairs/threes

Teach Bible Navigation Game:

***Switch Groups***

2nd Grade and over: (switch stations when done)

half to make bookmarks:  

half to color-code Books of the Bible cards:

Under 2nd grade:  how to find things in a Children’s Bible:  

read stories in smaller groups


Song:  Amazing Grace, Amazing Love

Prayer:  The Lord’s Prayer with motions:



Supplies needed:
1 Bible per student
Old & New Testaments Bookmarks:  Bible Bookmarks 2018
Star stickers
Post-it tabs
Books of the Bible cards:
Old Testament
New Testament
Optional:  1 set Bible Trivia cards for each student + 1 for each teacher of the class(
Old Testament Song
New Testament Song

Navigating the Bible:
Today, we’re going to learn how to find things in your Bibles so that you can learn even more about the story of God and God’s love for all people…

    1. Locate the Table of Contents.  This will help you find different books in the Bible.  Put a bookmark here so that it is easy to find again.
    2. The Bible is divided into two testaments.  Do you remember what they are called?  (Old and New)  The Old is in the front of the Bible, and the New Testament is near the back.  In our Bibles, the page numbering starts over at the beginning of the New Testament.  Let’s find the page that says “New Testament” and put a bookmark there so that it is easy to find.
    3. The Bible is divided in four ways:  testaments, books, chapters, and verses.  The testaments are the biggest; they make up the two halves of the Bible.  The next largest division is the books.  Do you remember how many there were?  (66)  Each book is divided into chapters, just like a real book.  The chapters are then divided into verses, which are usually only one sentence or part of a sentence long!  This makes things in the Bible very easy to find, if you know how to look.
    4. Let’s practice finding different books in the Bible first.  Find your Table of Contents page (it’s marked with a bookmark J).  Get out your “Books of the Bible” playing cards and shuffle them.  Fan them out in your hands and ask someone to pick a card.  Read the card and show them how it is spelled (write it out on a chalkboard or whiteboard if not everyone can see the card at once).  Ask them to find that book in their Bibles.  Make sure to ask them if it’s in the Old or New Testament; this will make it easier for them to find it.  When they have all found it, put the card in a discard pile, face up on the table.  Repeat this exercise several times, until they are comfortable with it, using a different student to pick a new card each time.  Then, move on to the next activity.
    5. Now we will try to find books and chapters.  Show them what the beginning of a chapter looks like.  A chapter begins with a big number.  Find the book you are looking for first, then turn the pages until you find the number of the chapter we are looking for.  Show them that the book names and chapter numbers are at the top of each page, as well.  Have someone choose another “Books of the Bible” card and announce a chapter number along with the book name.  Try to make sure that the book actually has enough chapters (many Old Testament books are long, many of the New Testament letters are 3 chapters or less!)  Repeat this exercise several times, using a different student and card each time and placing the used cards in the discard pile.  When they are comfortable with this, pass out the pens, pencils, highlighters, stickers, and post-its and move on to the next activity.
    6. Now we will find books, chapters, and verses!  When someone tries to tell you where to find something in the Bible, they will tell you the book name first, then the chapter, then the verse or verses.  It will look like this:  write “John 1:1”  In what I just wrote, what’s the name of the book? (John)  What’s the chapter number?  (1)  What’s the verse number?  (1)  Let’s find it, knowing that the verses are the little numbers at the beginning of sentences, and the first sentence of a chapter that has no little number is verse 1…What does it say?  (have someone read it out loud)  That’s important verse, because it tells us about Jesus, who is the Word. Let’s mark it with a star…help the students mark this verse in their BiblesFind other verses and mark each one in a different way, using pens, pencils, and highlighters to underline, circle, star some of the verses, or the post-its to make the page easy to find again.  When they are comfortable with this, move on to the next activity.
    7. Optional:  Introduce them to the Bible Trivia card game.  Ask the question on the card, and, if they do not know the answer, have them look up the Bible citation in the small box on the card.  Explain that the best way to learn how to use the Bible is to practice.  Tell them that they will be playing this game at the beginning of each Sunday School Class, and can also practice with their families at home.  As time permits, do a few more cards.
    8. Optional:  Introduce them to the Books of the Bible Memory Songs  I have always found that it is easier to memorize something when put to music.  Try these songs, below!

    Prayer:  Dear God, we thank you for your Word, the Bible, and for giving it to us to study and learn.  We ask you to bless these Bibles and bless us as we use them, that in reading your story, we might grow closer to you.  In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.