Please Touch Nativity Project

When our children were little, we wanted them to learn the story of the birth of Jesus in a tactile way. We had a beautiful Demdaco nativity set, but were very unwilling to let them touch it, let alone interact with it. Our Fisher Price set wasn’t exactly something we wanted to set up on the mantlepiece. How to make something that was beautiful and still touchable by our youngest? In this way, the Please-Touch Nativity project began. Made with figures that children and family members could color pasted to chunks of sanded 2 by 4, and a barn designed by my husband, Patrick, it is accessible to everyone. Here is one of the pics of our finished product:

These nativity sets have been a huge blessing to those who make and receive them. We treasure the one in the picture, which my family made when our kids were 2 and 5. Another family colored one over the Thanksgiving holiday for a new baby in the family. Parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents each took a character to color and put their name and date on the bottom of the finished blocks. This child has grown up with a Please Touch Nativity created by some of the most important people she will ever be surrounded by; what an amazing blessing! Are you ready to create your own? See what you need, along with other companion resources, below.

Items needed to make this nativity:

Coloring template:  Please Touch Block Nativity Basic Set

Print the PDF file on regular copy paper, making sure that you have the orientation as “landscape” and the “scale to fit” box unchecked.

Coloring utensils


1- 8 ft. 2 x 4 cut into 12- 7 in. sections

(glue 2 together for donkey)

(cut one into 3- 2.25 in. sections for 2 sheep and 1 star)


Wood stain (if desired)

Mod Podge

1 in. foam paint brush

A stable (contact me at for the plans for this)

Once you have made the original set, you could also expand it to match the Jesus’ Birth A to Z Lectionary. This expanded set includes Zechariah, Elizabeth and baby John, Simeon, Anna, King Herod, and the Innkeeper. Find the expanded set here: Please Touch Nativity Expansion Set

May this Please Touch Nativity be a blessing to you and your family during this season of waiting in hope and celebrating in joy.

Other Please Touch Nativity Sets:

Toilet Paper Roll, River Stone, and Block Nativity sets:

Last Minute Nativity Sets:

Jesus’ Birth A to Z Popsicle Stick Nativity Set:


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